Christians Should Reach Out to the Lonely

What if Christians intentionally sought out the lonely at church and everywhere?

Book Review: Designed to Lead

In Designed to Lead, authors Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck unpack their conviction that the church should be the greatest platform for developing leaders.

Beginning a Two Week Study Leave

I'm beginning a two week study leave. Basically, continuing ed for a pastor. Along the way, I'll post what I learn and develop.

When you think of North Korea, don't just think about missiles

While the saber rattling makes for great news headlines, we need to be reminded of the very real human impact this regime continues to have on its subjects.

8 Ways Ministry Leaders Can Be Equippers

God did not give the church leaders to do the work of the ministry. God gave the church leaders to equip others to do the work of the ministry.

Six Ways to Avoid Burnout in Life and Ministry

Balance in life and ministry is so important. It's not a myth, it's just seasonal. It looks different at different times of life and times of the year.

A Day in the Life of a Pastor

Have you ever wondered what goes on at a church when it's not Sunday? What do pastors do when they aren't studying to preach or teach?

How I Study the Bible

How I study the Bible with a tablet and a digital pen.

Redeeming Tragedy

Two years ago today, Jenny and I posted about the greatest tragedy of our lives.

Agile 3: We Engage in Ministry Frequently

We engage in ministry frequently, preferring regular activity and connection with people to large, occasional events.

Agile 2: We Welcome Change

We welcome changes in ministry practices and plans because we will never reach perfection on this earth.

Agile 1: Our Highest Priority

Our highest priority is to glorify God by loving Him, interacting with Him, and serving Him.

Agile for Ministry: Overview

12 powerful ministry principles adapted from software developers.

Leadership Pipeline Conference

Notes from the Leadership Pipeline Conference in 2016.

Confession of a Recovering Perfectionist

We live in a world of polarizing opposites and pendulum-style decision making. But is there another option?

How to Give Constructive Criticism Without Being a Jerk

Constructive criticism is important! If there were no negative feedback in our lives we would never know our weaknesses and learn where we need to grow.

How to Respond Unjust Criticism

We can’t control what other people say to us but we can control our response.

How to Receive Criticism

Some opinions are worth listening to and seriously considering. Some are worth about what they cost to share.

Parenting #10 - Learn to Love the "Why"

Behind every decision we make is a rationale that could help our kids can learn and grow.

When I Don't Feel Motivated

We all have it. I’ve had it recently. Those days, weeks, or months when we just feel blah. Yet Jesus came to give life - abundant life; should that make a difference in how I think and act?

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