Here are eight principles that I’ve found to be true of effective cross-generational disciple-makers:

  1. They intentionally spend time in places or ministries where they will meet younger believers at least part of the time.
  2. They build relationships with these people both in and outside of church.
  3. They meet the younger person "where they are at" without expecting the younger person to automatically conform to their views or opinions.
  4. They sacrifice some personal wants and preferences for the greater good of mentoring a younger person on the more important things.
  5. They listen as much or more than they talk.
  6. They pursue regular times of discussion with the younger person.
  7. They seek to "live life together" by engaging in life activities beyond just times of discussion.
  8. They keep their circle small so they can go deep with a few instead of shallow with many.

What do you think of these principles? Would you add any?

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Adam Bowers

Disciple of Jesus, husband of Jenny, father of 3 awesome kids, Senior Pastor at First Free Church, passionate about growing God's kingdom by developing influencers for Jesus.I still use parts of this site for various ministry purposes even though I haven't written a blog post in a long time!