The Bible tells us that we should not worry, but this is much esaier said than done. Some people struggle with chronic worry and anxiety disorders that are best helped by Christian counseling and an anxiety treatment plan based on biblical principles. But for many of us without an anxiety disorder, the worries of everyday life are still daunting and we need some help knowing how to stop worrying.

This message teaches the prescription Paul gives in Philippians for turning worry into peace. It's a process we will need to do repeatedly throughout our lives.

One of the tools mentioned in this message is the Philippians 4 card which you can download and print here. Keep them in your wallet, purse, car, or anywhere you will see one regularly. Give some to your friends! (Use this cutting guide if you need help trimming the cards.)

Write out your eight positive things to think about on the back of the card. When you struggle with worry, pull out the card and follow the five steps. Then turn the card over and spend time thinking about all the positive things you wrote down.

The great thing about this process is that, the more you do it, the more helpful it becomes in your life. Think of it like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it will grow. You will become more disciplined and consistent in handling your worries in a biblical way. Your troubles may not become easier, but your ability to deal with your worrying quickly will make them seem easier to handle.

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