Constructive criticism is important! If there were no negative feedback in our lives we would never know our weaknesses and learn where we need to grow.

I've been working a lot on a leadership pipeline for my church. In church-world, we have a tendency to focus on programs more than people. We often do volunteer placement instead of leadership development. We want to change all of that and the leadership pipeline concept is the framework that helps the change happen.


I'm at the Leadership Pipeline Conference right now and loving the sessions. Eric Geiger and Carey Nieuwhof had amazing insights, as did the rest of the lineup.


As I'm watching and listening, I'm taking extensive notes for my reference and others who want detailed notes or could not be at the conference. Here's the document where you can follow my notes live or after the conference. It's also embedded below.


Where do we find the leadership pipeline in Scripture?

From Will Mancini

  • 1 Leader of the Movement
  • 3 Leaders of Departments (Peter James and John)
  • 12 Leader of Leaders (Luke 6:12-13, Luke 8:1, Luke 9:1)
  • 72 and 120 Leaders of Others (Luke 10:1, Acts 1:15)
  • 3000 New Believers (Acts 2:41)


Key Takeaways

  • Think like a postman: deliver vision daily. - Unknown
  • The leader’s fundamental tools are their words. - Will Mancini
  • If the mission of the church is the what, then the strategy of the church is the how. - Unknown
  • Leadership that doesn’t help the church understand the “how” of God’s mission, is not leadership that is leading well. - Kevin Peck
  • Strategy can be dangerous but used correctly, it is powerful. - Kevin Peck

  • Without a clear, strategy we’re going to lead frustrated workers rather than powerfully commissioned leaders. - Kevin Peck
  • Are we really reaching people with the gospel in our community? Or are we doing churchianity? - Thom Rainer
  • In the future, only the engaged will attend church because only the engaged will remain. - Carey Nieuwhof
  • Healthy leaders create healthy churches. - Carey Nieuwhof

  • Create a high commitment culture. There is no better mission on the face of the earth than in the church. - Carey Nieuwhof
  • Have a strategy to intentionally impact the next generation and fund it. - Carey Nieuwhof
  • Churches that will change their methods to preserve their mission will thrive. - Carey Nieuwhof

  • Leaders who see the future will seize the future. - Carey Nieuwhof
  • Discipleship is more than strategies and systems. It is about the transformation of the heart. - Paul Tripp
  • Many people in ministry aren’t just seeking to build the kingdom of God but are seeking to build the kingdom of self. - Paul Tripp
  • You can’t reduce discipleship down to a system, a concept, or a class. Discipleship is about a willing, humble sacrifice of my circumstances to the greater purposes of the King. - Paul Tripp

  • The move from life to ministry should be natural, not different. Our lives are ministry. Surround yourselves with people who encourage the walk and not just the work. - Paul Tripp

  • Move from discipleship from being helping people live like Jesus to being helping people lead like Jesus. - Mac Lake
  • If you’re the only one doing leadership development, you have a leadership developer not a culture of leadership development. - Mac Lake
  • Leadership Development: If it’s not intentional and systemized it’s not reproducible. Otherwise, it dies with you. - Mac Lake
  • There is no such thing as a person in ministry who is a grace graduate. - Paul Tripp
  • A flat tire on a busy day will get you 75% of the way to atheism. - Paul Tripp
  • There is never a day in your life when you don’t lay down empirical evidence of remaining sin. - Paul Tripp
  • Personal spiritual insight is the result of community. - Paul Tripp
  • It is vitally important that your leadership community is not just a culture of achievement but a culture of grace. - Paul Tripp
  • In His grace, God has established a system where I am regularly rescued from me. - Paul Tripp


Here are the source books mentioned at the conference:


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